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Lunchtime Discussions on Christianity in the Workplace

  • Designed for Busy Professionals - All Welcome
  • Meeting in the City of London
  • Lunch provided by our hosts
  • Talk by a Dominican friar + round-table discussion
This forum is an opportunity for busy professionals to deepen their understanding of how to live out the Christian faith in their day-to-day lives, considering the challenges they encounter in work, in home life, and in a society that often holds to different values. 

Programme for Season Four - Summer 2018

1. 'Me Too': the Dignity of Women

Wednesday 9 May 2018, led by Fr Richard Ounsworth OP   

Revelations in high places about the abusive treatment of women reveal a dark side to our supposedly 'liberated' and 'enlightened' age. 

  • How does the Church view women?
  • Is it part of the problem or part of the solution? 

Fr Richard Ounsworth OP will lead an exploration of the role and dignity of women in the Catholic tradition from a 21st-century perspective.
Then we look forward to the usual stimulating exchange of views, questions and personal experience from participants.

Eventbrite - Dominican Forum: " 'Me Too': the Dignity of Women"

2. Heavenly Bodies, Holy Practices

Tuesday 12 June, led by Fr Lawrence Lew OP

Fr Lawrence Lew OP looks at some of the influences, rituals and traditions of the Church and explains where they come from and their relevance in the 21st Century.

The Met Gala 2018, themed "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination", caused some controversy in the media recently, with its haute couture outfits modelled on the iconography of saints and the sacred vestments of the Catholic liturgy.

At the same time, it served as a pointed reminder that the richness of our cultural heritage can capture the imagination even of a religiously sceptical secular world.

What does this say, then, for Catholic attempts to engage non-believers in dialogue? Should we shy away from the more exotic aspects of Catholic practice, or embrace them?

Eventbrite - Dominican Forum: "Heavenly bodies, Holy practices"

3. Little White Lies?

Thursday 5 July, led by Fr Matthew Jarvis OP

Fr Matthew Jarvis OP speaks on courage and choice in the workplace where dishonesty can be overlooked and even rewarded.

In 1532, a renowned London lawyer found his conscience in conflict with the demands of his employer. With a large household to support, and despite his best efforts to avoid open conflict, he felt that he had to resign to retain his moral integrity, even though on account of this he was imprisoned on trumped-up charges and eventually executed.

While we today may not face such dramatic consequences as those faced by Sir Thomas More, nevertheless many of us have to tread a delicate line between the demands of workplace and of conscience. And when we found ourselves in a situation of conflict, how do we find the courage to do the right thing?

Eventbrite - Dominican Forum: "Little White Lies?"


These lunchtime sessions, with lunch kindly provided by our current hosts, CCLA, will feature

  • 20-minute talk by a Dominican Friar over lunch*

  • An open round-table discussion 

  • Opportunities to meet with other like-minded people

  • Guests are free to leave at any time if other commitments intervene


CCLA, 85 Queen Victoria St, London EC4V 4ET (Nearest Tube: Mansion House, St Paul’s)


Dates listed above. Sessions start promptly at 12.30pm. 


Places are limited so you must register for a place on EventBrite (see button links above).

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About the Dominican Friars

* The Dominican Friars are a religious order in the Catholic church. They specialise in the intellectual apostolate, and their high level of training allows them to engage and debate with a wide range of viewpoints and at many levels. As the 'Order of Preachers' they have a strong tradition of engaging preaching and are much sought-after as speakers. Also known as the 'Blackfriars', the area of the same name in London is called after the great Dominican priory which once stood there. 

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