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Criticising the Critics by Aidan Nichols OP

Monday, February 15, 2010
Family Publications were kind enough to send us the new work of our industrious brother Aidan Nichols OP, the sub-prior of the Priory of St. Michael the Archangel, Cambridge. Criticising the Critics is a collection of talks and lectures given by fr. Aidan, to a range of audiences, addressing many of the most vocal critics of Catholicism today, critics both within and outside the Church. Modernists, "progressive" Catholics, liberal Protestants, feminists, and many more voices of disapproval are all subjected to the methodological and observant analysis of fr Aidan. In his characteristically attentive, thoughtful and witty examinations he exposes the failings and weaknesses in the arguments of these detractors.

Criticising the Critics is a useful and stimulating volume. The choice of critics addressed is not only very relevant to the Church today but also helpful for the individual Christian, as many of the key concepts and viewpoints have become part of mainstream thought and have therefore seeped subconsciously into the thinking of most people in the twenty-first century. The chapters not only add to the arsenal of apologetics for the Christian but also encourage personal reflection and meditation on our own standpoints and world-views.

Mark Davoren


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