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Cloister Gates Restored in Blackfriars, Oxford

Monday, November 27, 2017

 Original cloister gates restored and re-erected.

It is several decades since the wrought-iron cloister gates were removed from their original position at Blackfriars, Oxford, as the community re-thought in the light of the Second Vatican Council how best to use the different parts of the Priory, while still remaining faithful to the contemplative dimension of their calling.

Loss of the outside aula or lecture hall to an expanded library meant that public lectures would need to take place inside the original enclosure, while male or female guests could now be invited to dine with the friars.

Rescued at the time by a former co-operator brother and taken to the Isle of Wight, the gates have now been lovingly restored to their original glory in black and gold. They have not been restored to their original position, but just beyond the refectory doors.

These gates are an important part of the heritage of Blackfriars and serve as a valuable symbol for the life of prayer and contemplation which nourishes the community and feeds its mission to the world.

Donations in support of the Oxford Priory fabric fund are welcomed, and can be made here.



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