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Latest Sermon

The Power of God

fr Peter helps us to understand the nature of God's power.

by Peter Hunter O.P.
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Liturgical Index

Holy Thursday

5th April 2012: Inappropriate Behaviour

Dominic White O.P.

In the first Harry Potter film, one of the great scenes is the beginning-of-term banquet. Amid all the special effects – the starry ceiling and... more »

21st April 2011: Why Feet?

Lawrence Lew O.P.

My mother used to remind me before every meal to wash my hands, and despite my juvenile reluctance, as with so many maternal pronouncements, this... more »

1st April 2010: Dinner Time

Fergus Kerr O.P.

On Holy Thursday, throughout the Catholic world, we celebrate the Mass of the Lord's Supper - Missa in cena Domini - literally, Mass in the Lord's... more »

9th April 2009: How Beautiful upon the Mountains

Anthony Axe O.P.

At the liturgy of Maundy Thursday we read the account of the Last Supper from John's Gospel. There we see Jesus very much in charge of his destiny... more »

20th March 2008: Loving to the End

Austin Milner O.P.

This evening the Church begins its celebration of the Paschal feast, of Jesus's journey from this world to the Father bringing with him the host of... more »

5th April 2007: Your Feet Are My Feet

Allan White O.P.

At the Last Supper Jesus is a dead man. His betrayer is at hand, the trap set for him is about to be sprung. The words and actions of a dying man... more »

13th April 2006: The Gift of the Eucharist

Simon Francis Gaine O.P.

The Gospel brings us more than we could ever have conceived of or imagined. But in this way -- this higher way -- it also fulfils our basic needs and... more »

24th March 2005: A Sacrifice of Love

Fabian Radcliffe O.P.

Maundy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper, Jesus' last meal with his disciples on the evening before he died. Our word 'Maundy' comes from the... more »

8th April 2004: The Glory that Steps Down

Vivian Boland O.P.

Have you ever tried to get a dog to look at the moon? Whatever you do or say the dog is more likely to look at your finger. Dogs don't seem to get... more »

17th April 2003: When the moon is full

Neil Ferguson O.P.

I am always very moved every year at this time, as I look up into the sky and see the full Paschal moon, and remember it is the very same moon that... more »

28th March 2002: The Depths of His Love

Peter Hunter O.P.

In Gosford Park, the relationship between those above and below stairs is very interesting. Those above stairs often treat the servants as if they... more »

12th April 2001: The Golden Rule and our True Worth

John Kenrick O.P.

A recent TV documentary asked why it was the Japanese treated prisoners of war so much more harshly in the Second World War than in the First. The... more »

Cycle: A - 17th April 2014: A Mere Symbol?

Robert Verrill O.P.

For many Catholics, the thought that the sacraments might be symbolic is rather disturbing. The 20th Century Catholic writer Flannery O'Connor wrote... more »

Cycle: C - 28th March 2013: Called to Follow Him in Service

Isidore Clarke O.P.

Actions speak louder than words! That was certainly true when Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. This strange incident is sandwiched between two... more »